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Best Cleaner for Shower Glass: The Ultimate Shower Door Cleaning Hacks

No matter how well you are keeping your bathroom, glass shower doors usually accumulate water stains, soap scum, and grime very quickly. In this blog, we are about to summarize some ultimate shower glass cleaning hacks and reveal secrets to obtaining a spotless and shiny bathroom. Dig deeper and discover the tips and tricks that will make your cleaning routines easy and rewarding. 

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors – Checklist of Supplies

Cleaning your shower glass doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right tools and know the right techniques. Before you begin, make sure you check off all the supplies from the list:

  • A sponge or a scrubbing brush  
  • A bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • A squeegee
  • Microfiber cloths or paper towels

These basic tools will set you up for crystal-clear bathroom cleaning no matter what method you choose. A simple homemade cleaner can remove even the toughest stains, so you can avoid using harmful chemicals and expensive commercial cleaning products. 

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors With Baking Soda?

Picture of a man cleaning the shower glass door

Cleaning the glass shower doors with baking soda is one of those natural, but very effective ways to remove water stains and soap scum. 

Make the baking soda paste

For a start, mix the baking soda with a small amount of water to create a thick paste. When you get the hang of it, adjust the ingredients to make the quantity that you need. Usually, the ratio for a baking soda cleaning paste will be one cup of baking soda on one cup of water. Mix them with a spoon until you get a paste that is easy to spread over your shower glass. 

Apply the paste

Use a sponge or a non-abrasive cloth to apply the baking soda paste on the glass shower doors. The paste should be good for cleaning the whole glass but focus on the areas with visible water stains and grime buildup as they may require a bit more of the abrasive paste to be applied.

Let it sit

The applied cleaning paste should sit on the glass for at least 10-15 minutes. This time is needed for the baking soda to break down the dirt and grime on the shower glass and make it easier to remove. 

Scrub it off gently

Use a sponge or a cloth (you can use the same one you used to apply the paste to the glass) to gently scrub the shower glass in circular movements. The baking soda is one of the best cleaners for glass shower doors, and it will lift away all the stains, soap scum, and dirt. 

Rinse it

After scrubbing the glass shower door with the paste, rinse it off using warm water to remove all the baking soda. Use a bucket, or a handheld showerhead to rinse it thoroughly and easily.

Use a squeegee

The absolute best way to dry a glass surface is by using a squeegee. It removes even the smallest drops of water streak-free and leaves your shower glass spotless. Pull the squeegee over the glass starting from the top and work your way down. 

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors With Vinegar?

Vinegar is another household ingredient that can work as a glass cleaner for shower. Its acid will cut through the soap scum and mineral deposits on glass or acrylic shower doors and leave them sparkling and shiny.

Follow the similar step by step bathroom cleaning process:

Make the vinegar cleaning solution

Dilute some white vinegar with the same amount of water and place it in a spray bottle for easier application. This solution is strong enough to break down tough stains and may be the best cleaner for soap scum on glass shower doors. The vinegar cleaning solution is powerful, but also gentle, and harmless to human health which makes it one of the best options for residential cleaning.  

Spray it onto the shower glass

If you have a spray bottle, use it to apply the vinegar cleaning solution generously to your shower glass. Make sure it covers all of it, especially the stained areas, and let it sit for at least 5-10 minutes. 

Scrub the glass gently

Using a soft sponge or a soft cloth scrub the glass gently in a circular motion. The vinegar should have dissolved the dirt accumulated on the shower glass and made it easy for you to remove.

Rinse it well

Finish the cleaning by rinsing the glass thoroughly. Always use warm water to remove the vinegar solution after cleaning, and all the pieces of remaining grime off the glass. A handheld shower would be a perfect help at this moment, but if you don’t have one in your bathroom, a bucket of water works well, too. 

Use a squeegee

Even though you perfectly cleaned your shower glass door by following the previous steps, drying it up right away will make the glass spotless. A squeegee is the best tool for removing excess water from the shower glass, making it absolutely streak-free and clear.

A soft dry microfiber cloth can also work very well for leaving the glass spotlessly clear and dry after cleaning. However, a squeegee is something you can use every day after taking a shower to scrape off the excess water and prevent the stains and grime from accumulating so fast.  

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors Without Vinegar?

Picture of a clean glass shower box

Certainly, there are other ways to clean shower glass, and your choice should depend only on your preference and maybe the tools, and materials you have at home. Here are a few solutions on how to clean glass shower doors without vinegar:

Commercial cleaners

There are numerous commercial glass cleaners on the market, and you may already have some at home. Commercial glass cleaners are made to remove water stains and soap scum and should work perfectly on your shower glass, too. 

Mix dish soap and warm water

Dish soap and water solution may be one of the simplest DIY solutions to clean your shower glass. Use mild dish soap and warm water, mix it in a bowl or a bucket, and apply it to the glass with a soft cloth or a sponge. After that, rinse the glass, and use a squeegee.   


If you have ammonia at hand, it can also represent a solid glass shower cleaner. Dilute one tablespoon of ammonia with one quart of warm water in a spray bottle, and after applying it to the glass, let it sit for a few minutes. Finally, scrub and rinse thoroughly. It’s good to note that you should be careful when using ammonia, as it can have a very strong and unpleasant odor. 

Cornstarch paste

Believe it or not, a shower glass cleaning paste can be made of cornstarch and water, too. Make the paste the same way as you would do it with baking soda, and apply it to the glass. After it dries, wipe it off with a damp cloth and the dirt residue should be removed. Finally, use a clean cloth to polish the glass. 

Hydrogen peroxide

If you find black mold in a shower, hydrogen peroxide might be the most helpful solution for tackling it. Apply it directly to the areas with mold and mildew, and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, scrub the area gently, rinse it with water, and dry it.

What Is the Best Glass Shower Door Cleaner for Hard Water?

When it comes to removing hard water stains, choosing the best cleaner for shower doors is essential. Especially when you’re preparing for a move in cleaning or move out cleaning, neglected hard water stains can be very stubborn, and take loads of your precious time. 

Still, there are effective solutions that will make those glass doors sparkle. While specialized hard water stain removers can work wonders, don’t underestimate the power of simple DIY solutions like baking soda and vinegar solutions we mentioned before, as they actually may be the best ones for removing hard water stains on glass.

Natural Glass Cleaner for Shower Doors – Use Lemon for Extra Sparkle

If you wish to finish up your bathroom cleaning with extra sparkle on your shower doors, nature has another solution to offer. Lemons, and citric acid, in general, is a natural glass cleaner that not only removes dirt and grime but adds an extra shine to your shower glass. 

Since bathroom dirt primarily consists of biogenic minerals, the mild acidity found in lemons can easily dislodge and effectively remove them. Try it out, and let lemons become your trusted cleaning help for a super fresh and sparkling bathroom.