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    House Cleaning & Maid Services in Mesquite, TX

    Maids 2 Match is the clear choice in Mesquite, TX

    People today are incredibly busy.  Very little time is left in the day to keep up with all the cleaning tasks that are constantly piling up around you.  The amount of time it takes to keep your home clean is most likely more time than you have to give.  That’s why we want to help you take control of your life and your home.  Maids 2 Match can help eliminate most of those mundane cleaning chores, freeing up some of your valuable time so that you can spend it in a much more fulfilling way than struggling to keep your house clean and organized.

    Imagine if you could get back of all the time you spend picking things up and cleaning around your home?  It’s probably even more time than you realize.  Our clients can’t believe how much of their free time they can reclaim when they let us take care of the cleaning.


    What services do we offer in Mesquite?


    Maids 2 Match offers ALL of our services to the residents of Mesquite.  Below you’ll see our most popular services and who they’re intended for:

    Why we’re the best cleaning service in Mesquite, TX

    Maids 2 Match prioritizes your safety and security.  We couldn’t imagine sending people to your homes that we didn’t trust.  That’s why before hiring any of our cleaning professionals, we check their references and thoroughly background-check them to make sure we’re only sending the best people into your home.  In fact, less than 10% of our applicants make it to be Maids 2 Match certified cleaners.    

    When your cleaning professional arrives at your home, they’ll conduct a walkthrough with you before and after the cleaning to ensure that they understand your needs and that the job is performed satisfactorily.  You’ll also get an email after they leave, asking you to rate their service.  Only cleaners with a rating above a 4.5 out of 5 get sent to your home. 


    We’re proud to offer a 200% satisfaction guarantee for all our services.  If you find that the services we provided you weren’t up to our high standards, just let us know afterward and we will have the job re-done.  If after it’s been cleaned again, you’re still not happy, we’ll gladly refund you. 

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    Booking with our online booking platform has never been easier.  Once you go to the platform, you can get an instant quote depending on the size of your home and the add-on services you choose.  Answer just a few quick questions and we can tell you how much your job will cost before you book with us.  To make things even easier, we can take your payment information right there on the booking platform.  You can also set the frequency of recurring services if you wish.    

    On the day of your scheduled appointment, our staff will arrive at your home, on time, ready to work, with all their own equipment and supplies. 


    What makes Mesquite special?

    Home to over 140,000 Texans, Mesquite, which is also known as the “Rodeo Capital of Texas” is situated at the crossroads of four major highways, making it extremely accessible to anywhere in the area.  With all the newfound time you’ll have, you can take in the regional traditions of Rodeo and BBQ at the Mesquite Arena.  Perhaps, you’d like to take in some of what local artists have to offer at the Mesquite Art Center.  There’s also the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra or the Mesquite Community Theater if that suits your taste better. 

    Mesquite also offers over 250 dining options.  Of course, it’s not hard to find real Texas BBQ at Mesquite BBQ, which is a family-run restaurant in operation for over 60 years, or you can try the chopped beef-stuffed potato and banana pudding at Slab’s BBQ.  There’s something for everyone in Mesquite and now you’ll have the time to go out and find it!

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