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Maid Service & House Cleaning
in Garland, TX

Cleaning is one of those tasks that we would rather put off for as long as possible.

When you get home from a long day at work, you don’t want to go to the kitchen and start scrubbing, you want to sit down and relax on the sofa or spend time with the kids.

Unfortunately, the more that we ignore the general cleaning tasks that mount up around the home, the more overwhelming they become. Eventually, we reach a point where we’ve got a whole day of sprucing and tidying to do, and not enough time to do it in.

So, how do you get the gleaming home that you so desperately want, without giving up too much of your valuable time? The easiest option is to hire your own cleaning service in Garland, Texas.

As a local maid service in dallas which serves surrounding areas, Maids2Match is committed to helping our clients rediscover their free time. Whether you wish you had more moments in your day to pursue a favorite hobby, or you just want more minutes with the kids, we can help.


We’re the local cleaning service in the Dallas Metro area that you can trust, available right in your neighborhood.

What Makes Our Maid Service In Garland,TX Different?


Whether you’re looking for a one-off cleaning service to help with that top-to-bottom scrubbing session that you’d rather not tackle alone, or you need a recurring source of help, we’re on it. The Maids2Match team is made up of dedicated people & house cleaners who are committed to keeping your home looking it’s best, so you can take pride in where you live.

We offer recurring cleaning services as often as weekly, bi-weekly, or a once a month cleaning service.

While we know that there are other cleaning services out there that you can turn to when you need some extra help. However, it can be difficult to figure out who you can really trust to get your house into optimum condition.

After all, your home is more than just bricks and mortar, it’s an important place where you and your family create meaningful memories together. That’s why here at Maids2Match, we always ensure that you get the kind of service you would expect, for a price that you can afford. You can check out our why choose us page for a few reasons to go with us.

Our unparalleled customer satisfaction guarantee means that if you’re not 100% happy with your cleaning service, we’ll come back and fix the problem until we’ve got you smiling again. On top of that, when you hire a clean from Maids2Match, you also get:

Garland House Cleaners At Your Door Steps Are A Few Clicks Away

Having a clean home isn’t just important from a hygiene perspective. The cleaner your home is, the easier your life becomes. You’ll discover that it’s easier to relax when you don’t have piles of laundry staring at you across the room. You can soak up that enjoyable bubble bath and forget about your stresses if you don’t have baseboards to scrub.

At the same time, getting rid of extra dust and dirt around the home can help to reduce your risk of falling victim to various illnesses and ailments too. Our husband-and-wife founded company understands just how important a clean and safe home can be. That’s why we’re always on-hand when you need us most. 


You can create your own personalized service or pick from one of our pre-built packages to transform your home in a multitude of different ways. All you need to do is tell us how you want us to clean, then sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of our work! 

We can help you with those general household chores that are a real pain in the neck, give you more time to play with your kids, and even spruce up your home in time for visitors with a rapid residential cleaning service. Whatever the occasion may be, you can always trust Maids2Match to deliver the cleaning service that you deserve. 

Garland Cleaning Company Serving Garland, TX for Over 2 Years!

Garland Landmark Museum (Photo Credit: Garland Landmark Society, Inc.)

Maybe Garland is not the perfect destination for a vacation. Not because it doesn’t have anything fun to do, but because this city is known for its good living, and in 2008, it was ranked among Money Magazine’s top 100 places to live! Plus, activities in Garland are not at all boring; At Garland, you’ll find the Landmark Museum at Heritage Crossing, where you can learn about the history of the city. Vintage newspapers, farm tools, and more are part of what you can see at the Museum.

Spring Creek Park is one of the most idyllic green spots in the city, which makes it a perfect place to spend a calm afternoon by having a picnic; a pond and a fishing pier are also part of what you’ll find here. Summer in Garland means visiting the Hawaiian Falls Waterpark and have a great time with your family.

The city ’s also well connected to the rest of the Dallas area, with two Dart Blue Lines and buses, plus several highways linking it to Dallas and the rest of the metro region. Garland itself has over 2,880 acres of parks, recreation centers, open public spaces.

Breathe Easy an a Clean and Healthy Home

We proudly provide house cleaning and maid services in all of Garland, TX and its suburbs.

If you’re not sure we clean your area please give us a call at (972) 476-8554