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How To Protect Your Health & Wellness Through Cleaning

A clean home is a happy home- it looks appealing, feels nice, and doesn’t nag at the back of your mind that you still have some housework to do. Cleaning is good for your health, or at least the end results of cleaning. Of course, some people have dust allergies and may be allergic to cleaning chemicals, but this article isn’t dealing with how to protect yourself from those allergens. Instead, we want to look at how a clean home benefits your health.

Mental Health & Cleaning

Let’s start off with a rather surprising fact- that cleaning improves mental wellbeing. When you have a clean home, it looks tidier and more organized. Having no clutter around and clean looking floors, walls, and countertops is good for your sense of wellbeing. It makes your brain think that everything is in order and where it should be, which is calming. A dirty or untidy home can have an effect on you, causing low level stress. Maggie who runs a Calgary House Cleaning Company says “You may not even realize it is causing you stress, but it is, and it’s better for you to have a clean home”. 

Fewer Allergens

One of the most common allergies in the entire world is dust allergies. Dust can cause you to sneeze, feel irritable, have a headache, feel lightheaded, feel stuffy or have a runny nose. Once you start to clean the house, there will be less dust present. It will not be floating through the air, so it is less likely to cause irritation. Keeping a clean home means that dust is less likely to accumulate thickly anywhere, so while there will still be dust present, it won’t be as triggering and as allergy causing. 

Sleep Better

Do you have trouble sleeping sometimes? Do you feel like you should have gotten a full night’s sleep because you went to bed at a reasonable time but then you woke up feeling exhausted? That could be because you are not getting quality sleep, and a dirty house can be to blame. Dust can cause breathing difficulties, as can other pollutants in the home. If there is anything that you are allergic to, like mold, pollen, or dust mite dandruff, you will get rid of some of that (if not all) when you clean. Your will be able to sleep more peacefully as a result and wake up feeling more refreshed. 

Get Rid of Mold

Mold can be very dangerous. In small amounts, it isn’t too bad, but if there is a lot of it or it is growing in the home close to people with health issues, someone with allergies, infants, or the elderly, it can cause all sorts of health problems. As you clean, you will likely get rid of some mold, though you will probably need a cleaning company to get rid of all of it. As you clean, you will also get rid of spills and wet areas that could be growing areas for mold in the home.