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Keep Up on Your Home With this Awesome House Cleaning Schedule

Alright, so you want to keep your home looking great all the time! Right? Well, as you know the house isn’t going to clean itself and the kids probably won’t make your job any easier. πŸ™‚

However, you can maintain your home with only a few hours of cleaning each week. (obviously, the size of your home might dictate the amount of time.)


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Set a Cleaning Schedule


You could just clean your kitchen every single day because there is always something to clean and it’s a never ending process, but you will need to break things up into a schedule or you will drive yourself crazy!

For the sake of this article, lets break the home down into bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, common living areas and extra rooms. That means you have 5 potential areas that need cleaning, so you could realistically clean one area each day of the week. It doesn’t really matter what day you do certain areas, but obviously the higher traffic areas might take a little bit more time, so you might want to make your cleaning schedule accordingly.



The bedrooms are probably the easiest room in the house to clean, so this can be your “easy day”. You can give everything a quick dusting, straighten up your bed (or change the sheets if it’s time to do that), vacuum, and you are done! If you typically put drinks on your nightstand, you might want to use some all purpose cleaner and a microfiber towel to avoid getting any of those “sticky rings”.



The bathrooms will take a little longer, but it should be pretty quick if you are able to keep up with everything on a weekly basis. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to clean a glass shower door that was cleaned last week opposed to last year! But, once you get that initial cleaning done, it will make your life a lot easier in the future. Then all you need to do for your weekly bathroom cleaning is: clean the mirror, wipe the countertops, organize your countertops, clean the inside and outside of your toilet, vacuum, and then mop the floor!



The kitchen is usually the highest traffic area in the home, but you can usually get everything done within one hour! (No, that isn’t counting the dishes. Unfortunately!) You will typically need some stainless steel polish for the fridge, sink, microwave, and dishwasher. Then you will need some all purpose cleaner to wipe down all your countertops, cabinets and the inside of your microwave. Lastly, you will need to vacuum and mop! And bam, you are done with the kitchen!


Common living areas

Common living areas suchΒ  as your living room, mud room, hallways, etc. can all be cleaned on the same day. You will simply need to dust, sanitize/wipe all surfaces, vacuum and mop. (unless it is carpeted, then you can skip the mop πŸ™‚ )


Extra rooms

People have all sorts of extra rooms and each one is a little bit different to clean. You might have an office, play room, finished basement, workout room, etc. We won’t get into the “technique” for this because it will vary based on the type of room. However, these are not that difficult and usually take about the same amount of time as cleaning bedrooms or common living areas.

Hopefully, this cleaning schedule can help you keep your home looking great!