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Best Way to Clean Oven Glass Door Inside, Outside and Between

Wondering how to clean oven door glass? If that’s the process you’ve been trying to avoid for a while, it’s absolutely understandable. Even though the process of cleaning the oven is pretty straightforward, many people consider it to be dirty, time-consuming, and complicated, so it often doesn’t end up on the top of their list of cleaning priorities.  

We believe the issue with cleaning the oven only seems bigger than it actually is. That’s why we are bringing you a few useful tips on how to clean the glass on an oven door without the struggle. 


How to Clean Oven Door Glass Inside?

Knowing how to clean oven door glass is crucial for maintaining your appliance and preserving it from grease and grime buildup. While cooking, spills and splatters happen and often end up on the oven’s glass door. As you can’t clean the inside of a hot oven, the spills linger there for a few hours and usually get forgotten. 

Because of that, debris and grease accumulate over time making your oven look pretty bad. However, with the right cleaning tricks, you can ensure you’ll have a clean oven, and a clear look through the oven door when roasting or baking your delicious meals. 

Cleaning the inside of the oven glass door isn’t difficult but it can take some effort and patience. Maybe the best oven door cleaning hack is to make a paste from baking soda and water. Before you begin, make sure the oven door is completely cool, and remove all the debris and bigger pieces of dirt with a wet cloth. After that, spread the baking soda and water paste over the oven door, let it sit there for about 15 minutes, and remove it by using a soft sponge. 

If there are more tough stains on your oven door, try a solution made of water and white vinegar instead. Mix the solution so you add one measure of vinegar to four measures of water and spray it over the greasy stains. After it sits for a few minutes, wipe the liquid off the oven door using a non-abrasive sponge or a microfiber cloth. 

Wiping the oven door with a damp cloth from time to time after cooking may actually prevent the need for frequent deep cleaning, so try not to forget it.  

A little girl is grabbing oven glass door

How to Clean Outside Glass of the Oven Door?

Even though the inside of your oven is not so visible and can be forgotten in your cleaning routines, the outside glass of the oven door definitely affects the appearance of your kitchen, so it’s nice to keep it clean and maintain the overall tidiness of the space. 

Start the cleaning when the oven is completely off and cool. Mix a solution of water and in this case, a simple dish soap, spray or spread it over the glass, and wipe the liquid and the dirt away with a sponge or a cloth.

For more stubborn stains, add a bit of white vinegar to the solution and let it sit on the glass for a couple of minutes. No matter how hard the stain is, don’t use abrasive substances to scrub it off, but rather try other mild glass cleaning products you can find in the stores.  

After you clean the grime off the oven door, dry it with a clean cloth to avoid watermarks, and enjoy the spotless look of your shiny clean oven.

How to Clean Between Oven Glass?

Unfortunately, the drips of grease and oil can find their way through the vent openings and into the space between your oven door glass. While many people struggle with how to clean in between the oven glass, it is entirely possible to clean it by yourself without calling a professional cleaning service or manufacturer’s assistance.  

Checking the oven’s manual definitely helps, as you would still have to disassemble and remove the oven door to start cleaning. Once that is done, remove any bigger pieces of dirt, dust, and debris using a long brush or a mini vacuum cleaner. After that, clean the inner glass with warm soapy water, or any good degreaser for more persistent stains. The solution with white vinegar that we mentioned above could also work.

After the cleaning, dry the glass with a clean cloth or let it dry on its own, and only then reassemble the door. As a result, you will have a pristine clean oven that will make your whole kitchen shine.

How to Clean Between Oven Glass Without Disassembling the Door?

The best way to properly clean the oven glass door is to disassemble it, however, sometimes that just isn’t an option, you may not be able to do it or don’t want to risk breaking the glass. Whatever it is, with the right approach you will figure out how to clean in between oven glass to get the desired results. 

For a start, make sure the oven is off and cool, and look for the openings on the door that could allow you to reach in between the glass panels. If it can fit, you can use a long-handled cleaning brush with a flexible head, a duster, or a microfiber cloth. Gently remove dust and debris, and then try to spray a cleaning solution through those same openings in the door. 

Mix a solution of warm water, mild dish soap, or vinegar, and use a soft sponge or a cloth to wipe the inner glass. This cleaning action will work differently on different oven doors, and you’ll need a lot of patience to get the job done. Be persistent and try to reach all areas inside of the oven door, and hopefully, you will soon have a cleaner and clearer view through your oven door.

How to Clean Oven Glass Door Without Baking Soda?

If you’re out of baking soda, your cleaning project doesn’t have to go to waste. Instead of baking soda, you can make a cleaning solution with warm water and a bit of mild dish soap. Dish soap is a good degreaser, so it will be very useful when cleaning the oven.   

Remember to use only a soft sponge or a microfiber cloth, not to scratch the oven glass when removing the grime. For more difficult stains, a solution with white vinegar could work. Commercial glass cleaning products and degreasers are also a good solution, and if you have any of those at home, try them out when cleaning your oven door. 

Still, remember not to use any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials when scrubbing the glass, as they can create irreparable damage. After cleaning the oven glass, rinse it with water to remove residue of the cleaning substance you were using, and then dry it with a cloth to avoid water marks and leave the glass impeccably clean and shiny.

How to Clean a Self-Cleaning Oven Glass Door?

Woman with yellow gloves cleaning the inside glass door of an oven

The self-cleaning option that some ovens have is a wonderful feature for effortless cleaning of stubborn stains, spills, and grease. This is effective for both the interior of the oven and the oven glass door. 

Depending on the model, and the self-cleaning mode selected, the process can take from one to six hours, so it is important to plan your day around it. Plan to eat out or order food, as your kitchen will be occupied.

Here’s how the process should go: 

Take everything out of the oven and make sure it is cool before you switch on the self-cleaning mode. Remove the oven racks, and everything off the stovetop, too. 

Open the windows as the oven’s self-cleaning cycle will heat up the oven up to 900 ℉. This will warm up your kitchen very much too, which may also cause fumes, so you would want to ensure good ventilation of the space.

Make sure children and pets don’t go near the oven during this process, for safety reasons, but at least one adult must stay at home, as the extreme heat of the oven can bring a risk of fire. 

Wipe the oven when the cycle is finished. The self-cleaning cycle will heat up the oven so much that all the grease and debris burns and turns into ash that you can wipe away with a damp sponge or a cloth after it’s done.

How Often to Clean?

To keep your oven in top-notch condition, the cleaning routine should follow your cooking habits. Cleaning the inner surface of the oven door every three to six months can be a good starting point, and from there you can adjust the cleaning schedule according to how often you cook and use the oven.

For many people, cleaning the oven only comes to mind when making a deep cleaning of the whole house, or moving out, and that’s ok, but if you are using your oven frequently, make sure to clean or at least wipe it with a damp cloth every once in a while. A simple wiping after each use will help you prevent that grease residue that builds up and creates stubborn stains you would be struggling with when the spring cleaning comes. 

Whenever you clean the oven, clean the oven door, as well. The exterior part of the door doesn’t get as dirty, so a weekly wiping would be ideal. If disassembling the oven door and cleaning in between the glass panels is too complicated for you, try to do it at least once a year. 

Regular cleaning will reduce the need for intense scrubbing and stubborn stains and will let you maintain a clean oven much more easily. 

Tips to Keep Your Glass Oven Door Clean Longer?

Cleaning the oven isn’t anyone’s favorite thing, and the more you take care of it, the less work, time, and effort you’ll have to use later. So, here are a few tips on how to keep your oven glass door clean longer:

When cooking, use the cookware with tight-fitting lids to prevent spills and splatters to the oven glass door and all over inside the oven. If you cover the dish while preparing food in the oven, the fewer chances the food residue can end up on your oven walls and door.  

If covering the dish is not possible, try placing an aluminum foil or a baking sheet on the lower rack of the oven so it can catch the spills and drips and not let them stick to the oven.  

If the spills happen anyway, make sure to clean them as soon as possible, and not start the next baking cycle before you remove them. Use a simple sponge or a damp cloth and clean the oven when it cools down. 

Make sure the oven works properly and all the seals on the door are in good condition. Faulty seals can let the steam and debris get out and in between the oven glass, which makes it harder to clean afterward. 

Properly working and clean vents are as important. If the vent openings on the oven door aren’t clean, they can also allow debris to enter the oven door. Regularly check if they are clean, and prevent the heavy grime buildup in between the ove glass. 

Using non-abrasive chemicals and cleaning tools is another important point for taking care of your oven. Microfiber cloths, soft sponges, and mild chemicals are all you need to keep your oven clean and in good shape for a long time.