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3 Tips To A Fresher Smelling Home

Do you sometimes catch a whiff of something unpleasant in your home and aren’t sure how to get rid of it? Sometimes, lingering smells can be tough to track down and eliminate, and we have a few tips to help you keep your home smelling great all the time.

1. Implement a Cleaning Schedule

The best thing we can tell you to do in order to keep a fresh smelling home is to establish a cleaning schedule for your entire house. It is commonly recommended to do your apartment cleaning in small chunks every day. Your cleaning schedule can be for a week or for a month, but you want to make sure that every room in the house is included at least once in that schedule.

You also need to do some deep cleaning every so often. Your daily cleaning could include wiping down counters, taking out the trash and sweeping the floors. Weekly cleaning could be mopping the floors, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning under appliances and washing windows. Monthly cleaning could include cleaning out trash cans, cleaning carpets, cleaning behind appliances and cleaning inside appliances.

Regular cleaning helps you to find food debris before it can start to rot and stink. It also helps you to cover all of the house in a systematic way so that nothing goes uncleaned for too long.

Whether you clean it yourself or hire a dallas maid service like ours to do it for you, one thing is unarguable. Regular upkeep of the home is a must if you want to keep it clean, healthy, & smelling great.

2. Use Deodorizer in Trouble Areas

You probably know which parts of the house tend to smell unpleasant every so often.

For most people, that would be the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have a laundry room, then that probably goes on that list of unpleasant smell rooms as well.

You can tackle these areas and their various smells by using deodorizing blocks, setting up an automated air freshener or simply spritzing some air freshener into those rooms every so often. That also helps is to place a small container of baking soda in a corner of the room or near a doorway. This will absorb bad odors and freshen the room in a fuss-free way.

You’ll need to change out that container every month or so with fresh baking soda to keep the smells to a minimum.
Dryer sheets work well as an alternative.

3. Clean up messes immediately

Another tip that will help keep your home smelling its best is to make sure that any spills get cleaned up right away. Make sure you look all around the spill area for liquids or particles that could have scattered or splattered far from the main spill area. You want to clean any mess up as soon as possible to prevent it from sticking, smelling or attracting pests.

Have cleaning supplies on hand to deal with any kind of mess, such as a broom and dustpan, mop, paper towels and sealable spill bags. The small spill bags help you to trap the spill without releasing the odor, so you can just place these directly in your trash can after a spill.

Follow these tips, and you will have a house that smells better all the time. For even more savvy cleaning tips check out the rest of our blog, CLICK HERE.