Dallas Flat Rate Pricing & Hourly Pricing Maid Service & House Cleaning


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    Flat Rate Pricing & Hourly Pricing

    Dallas House Cleaning Flat Rate Pricing


    • Pricing includes sales tax.
    • Pricing is based on the average home. If your home is larger than the average home or worse than “average” condition; it may be subjected to a requote.
    • Check our online booking form for the full pricing breakdown & to schedule your cleaning.

    Our Flat Rate Packages

    • Deep Cleaning (Strongly recommended for first cleaning): Deep Cleaning adds on extra time and additional checklist items, including outside of cabinets, baseboards, light switches, door frames, and extra time for the tub/shower(s)
    • Standard Cleaning: Includes just the basics of wiping down exterior surfaces, floors, dusting, tubs, bins. This is usually recommended once a deep clean is done as part of maintenance plan (check out our service checklist for more detail)
    • Move In/Out Cleaning: If you’re moving in & out of a home this is for you.This includes everything in the Deep cleaning package as well as the following add ons; inside fridge, inside oven & inside cabinets
    • Heavy Duty Cleaning: This is for homes that are more excessive than a Deep cleaning can handle with more fur, some post construction, extra thrash, etc

    Extras/ Add Ons

    • Inside Oven
    • Inside Fridge
    • Inside Cabinets
    • Garage/Patio
    • Interior Windows & Blinds
    • Extra rooms
    • Loads of Laundry
    • Pets (If you have pets, additional fees may apply as pet hair may require more additional time)

    Dallas Maid Service Hourly Pricing Option

    The hourly cleaning option unlike the Flat rate cleaning pricing is not priced by the job or based on the number of bedrooms/bathrooms.

    Instead, this allows you to customize your cleaning by selecting the number of hours & cleaners you’d like.

    This option is great if you want to get only parts of your home cleaned or certain rooms, or you need a lot of organization or decluttering.  Home in much more severe conditions or homes that are larger than average size may also opt for this options since our flat rate may not be able to quote your home accurately

    We strongly recommend giving our maids a priority tasklist so they can finish the most time consuming & urgent tasks first in case they aren’t able to finish everything in the allotted amount of time.


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