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5 Essential Cleaning Products to Keep Your Home Looking Great

I’m sure you all have that friend with a spotless home! Do you really think they keep it that clean all the time, or do they have a cleaning service before you come over? Now, that might be the case, but we wanted to give you a few essential cleaning products to keep your home looking great!


5 essential cleaning products to keep your home looking great

So here we go…..

#1) Vacuum

Of course, you will need a vacuum to clean up all the crumbs you wipe on the floor, but there are so many to choose from! Since we run a cleaning service, we have tried plenty of vacuums, but the shark is the clear winner. They do have a few different models, but if you aren’t going to be lugging it around like we do — the lift away speed will get the job done. (The true pet is a little bigger and has a larger hose, but this one is just as good. Just a little bit smaller.)


#2) Mop

If you have a tile floor, you might find a steam cleaner handy because the steam gets down and cleans your grout, but a flat mop works great on hardwood and laminate flooring. You can pick one up at most local stores here in Dallas, but if you want to order one online — here are the ones we use! They have a pole that extends and that makes things a little bit easier on your back πŸ™‚


#3) Microfiber towel

Alright, this one is pretty basic and to be 100% honest with you, it doesn’t matter what brand you use here. You can pick up some cheap microfiber towels and then get a pack that is a little bit thicker to clean mirrors and glass. (The thicker towels will help buff it out.)


#4) All-purpose cleaner

If you are looking for an awesome all-purpose cleaner that you can use on everything, check out Mrs.Meyers. You can use this safely on all surfaces and it even does a pretty good job on glass and mirrors. (Rain x in the best for glass and mirrors though.)


#5) Duster, Stainless Steel Polish, Something to clean the toilet bowl

Alright, I guess you will need a few more than 5 products to keep your home looking new, but these are all pretty basic.

-The best dusters are swifter dusters. They are easy to use and you can simply throw them away when they get “extra dusty”.

-The best stainless steel cleaner is Ecos. This product isn’t “greasy” and does a great job polishing chrome and stainless steel.

-The most convenient way to clean your toilet is by using the Clorox toilet wand. Slip on one, clean the toilet and throw it away. (no more nasty toilet brush laying around.)


Alrighty now, hopefully, these products will keep you keep your home looking new! Now you just need to find the time to clean πŸ™‚