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4 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Looking Cleaner Most of the Time

It can seem like a constant struggle to keep your kitchen clean, and it’s probably the most important room in the house to keep clean. If you’re wanting a more sanitary kitchen and one that’s a little more manageable, here are a few tips to help you maintain the order

1. Clean as You Cook

After you’ve cooked and then eaten a meal, you probably feel full, tired, and lethargic. You may not feel like doing much cleaning up. Also, the dishes become harder to clean, and all the little messes throughout the kitchen become more stuck on and require more laborious cleaning efforts. Instead of waiting until after you’re done cooking or eating to clean, you can clean as you’re cooking. If there’s something that needs to cook for a while on the stove or the oven, you can take that opportunity to wash up the dishes, wipe down the counters, put dishes to soak, and do a little tidying up. When it’s time to thoroughly clean the kitchen later on, you won’t have as much to do and what you have will be easier to clean.

2. Do a Deep Clean Regularly

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that can really get out of control if you’re not keeping it clean on a regular basis. We’re talking about doing more cleaning than just washing the dishes and sweeping the floors. The oven needs to be cleaned out as well as the microwave, and other appliances may need to be wiped down. You may also want to hire cleaners to do occasional deep cleaning for you. These may not be jobs that have to be done every single day, but if you do them once a week or a couple times a month, you’ll have a cleaner kitchen that’s more sanitary and easier to keep clean.

3. Place Mats Strategically

Jordan who cleans at a maid service in NYC advises on strategically placing mats in the home to keep the house clean. Most people will avoid putting down floor mats on tiled floors or anywhere that there’s going to be water on the floor. However, you might want some mats in the kitchen floor. The reason for that is not just to keep you from slipping, but mats can also absorb some of the water that falls from the sink and other areas of the kitchen. Less water on the floor means less mess will be spread around. Your kitchen floor will look less streaky and dirty if you’ve put mats in the right places to absorb most of the water that falls onto the floor.

4. Remove Garbage Quickly

Not all of the mess in your kitchen is caused by the people who live in your house. Some of it’s caused by pests, and one of the best ways to keep pests out of the kitchen is to get rid of garbage before it starts smelling nasty. You may want to empty your kitchen trash can every day, or at least keep it covered to minimize the smell and reduce its attraction for pests.